It was on April 15th, 2001 when a little girl named Madison Lynn Walker came into this world. Everyone was so excited about our new addition and soon the hospital was filled with family and friends wanting to meet our little 6lb 02 oz miracle.

Madison quickly became a blessing to all that knew her. As she grew we soon realized that she had a heart of gold and was always thinking of others.
She could light up a room with her beautiful blue eyes and her sweet little smile, but her real beauty came from within. It’s amazing to think that a little girl, only 4 years old, could give so much…so much love, so many smiles, so many hugs and kisses, and most important, so many memories.

On March 26th 2006, Madison Lynn Walker was taken from those she loved so much by a deadly disease known as Bacterial Meningitis. One minute we had a happy healthy little girl and within 72 hours our precious child was on life support. It was sudden, it was unexpected, it was a devastating day for family and friends. It was a parent’s nightmare.

It’s not until you experience this kind of tragedy that you
realize not only do your children depend on you, but how much you depend on your children. I know how easy it is to say that it can’t happen or won’t happen to you,
but the truth is that it could happen to anybody, anytime…even you. That is our mission, to bring awareness of meningitis to the public and to inform parents of this harsh reality. Please help us to make a difference in peoples lives….. help save a child’s life.